Windmagics (WMI) offers end-to-end project development and management services for onshore wind, solar photovoltaic (PV), solar agriculture, and battery energy storage system projects in Asia Pacific. Our comprehensive solutions encompass site identification, resource assessment, design, feasibility study, procurement, construction, and project realization, all delivered by an experienced in-house team of over 300 engineers.


With our proven track record of developing more than 2,000 projects and securing over 7GW in pipeline projects, you can trust WMI to deliver top-quality renewable energy (RE) projects that adhere to approved design and engineering specifications, fulilling your needs and exceeding your expectations.






WMI offers comprehensive services in engineering, procurement, construction management and asset management for solar photovoltaic (PV) and wind energy projects. Our team ensures the delivery of top-quality RE projects by adhering to approved design and engineering specifications. Our asset management services cover 24/7 site operations, equipment maintenance, retrofitting and yield guarantee.​



Additionally, we leverage our sister company Tianli's expertise in remote monitoring and spot maintenance, backed by a track record of having inspected over 800 Wind Turbine Generators and providing repair services for over 3,600MW wind energy power plants. Together, we cover all aspects of asset management from construction to operations and maintenance, ensuring that your energy-intensive projects perform optimally and for the long haul.






WMI provides fully integrated investment management and technical project delivery solutions that can offer superior returns for investors who value sustainable impact, growth, and yield. We specialize in Renewable Energy Projects Investment Trusts (REPITs), which grant you access to portfolios of valuable RE assets with dividend-based incomes.


We work alongside investors, buyers and asset owners to evaluate investment opportunities and provide customized recommendations that address technical,perational and commercial issues. Our team offers expertise in technical due diligence, bid strategy/project procurement and business strategy advisories to help you make informed investment decisions, so that your investments can meet financial objectives while empowering a cleaner future.