Project Development

Our team of experts has a track record of developing a portfolio of projects amounting to 10GW capacity.  We minimize the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) through our comprehensive technical solutions and management.

Construction Management

Our dedicated team of project engineers and technicians specialize in procurement and construction management. They always ensure timely, quality delivery and within the budget of projects that meet all approved design and engineering specifications.

Investment Management

Armed with years of proven experience in the renewable energy industry, we provide energy investment consultation and manage projects for individual investors as well as companies.

Guaranteed Performance Asset Management

An Integration of advanced technologies, risk mitigation tools, proven O&M experience and tested on real wind farm assets, we proudly present our Guaranteed Performance Asset Management product. Removing uncertainties for asset investors from any industry.

Operation & Maintenance

WingMagic’s subsidiary Tianli specializes in Operation and Maintenance of energy projects. With its unique capabilities including remote monitoring and spot maintenance, Tianli has so far inspected over 800 Wind Turbine Generators and provided repair services for over 3600MW wind farms.