Making Wind Turbaine Foundation Safer and Stronger

A subsidiary of WindMagics,  Reewind knows everything about foundations. Specialized in foundation design, construction management, inspection and reinforcement of wind turbines foundations, it has emerged as the dominant player in the industry with proven solution to reduce construction costs, ensure safety and increase the reliability of WTG. With decades of onsite experience, Reewind is committed to make wind turbine foundations safer, stronger and more durable.


We use a multifaceted approach for a comprehensive inspection of wind turbine foundations. Our advanced, digitalized methods and experience allow us to evaluate the foundation performance accurately and predict trends proactively. Our onsite inspections using various non-destructive tests and the ample data we collect enable us to produce scheduled or non-scheduled diagnose reports.

Design & Innovation 

We design innovative structural components to strengthen the stability of wind turbine foundations and to reduce the cost of overall installation and maintenance. Some of our novel components include high-strength anchor bolt and adjustable bracket ring that ensure a stronger foundation. We also have invented a pre-embedded cement grouting system — a patented technology proudly developed by Reewind — and a prefabricated tower energy storage system.

Construction Management

Our construction management service includes bespoke planning of the project, transportation, and installation of components. Our experts inspect the site and plan every aspects of the project to optimize the construction process and lower the overall cost. We also provide supervision and on-site quality control for the wind turbine foundation installation process.

Repair and Reinforcement

We provide repair service to effectively fix the damage of wind turbine foundation, and customized reinforcement solution to strengthen foundations predictively, ensuring a durable and stronger lifecycle of a wind turbine.Our service includes surface repairing, waterproofing, grouting reinforcement and other customized technical solutions.

Foundation Solutions & Anchor Products

Our team of experts has developed a patented replaceable-anchor foundation for wind turbines. We also have developed our own cutting-edge software to calculate dimensions of hollow foundation and anchor bolt parts analyzing data. We supply whole series of anchor bolt products and spare parts for turbine foundations.

Turbine Tower Solutions

We provide  turbine tower process designs: mold design, manufacturing process design, transportation process design, and installation process design.  We also provide customised solutions for different towers like, concrete turbine tower, thinner concrete turbine tower, and steel patch structure turbine tower.

Waterproof and Tensioner Solutions

We provide waterproof repair solutions for active turbines. We  also source and sell high quality waterproof product from Trifflex Towersafe.  We also provide tension inspection services  besides sorcing and selling tensioners from leading brand in the industry.

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