WindMagics Targets Southeast Asia


WindMagics International is expanding its business to Southeast Asian countries drawing on the Belt and Road Initiatives (BRI) in the region.


Southeast Asian energy companies, which were long dependent on fossil fuels, are now rapidly turning to renewable energy to answer the increasing demand for electricity in the fast-developing region. Experts say the region is about to witness a renewable energy revolution.


In order to play an active role in driving the revolution, Windmagics has set up a new business development teams in Manila, The Philippines and in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. WindMagics will take up energy projects and actively invest in the sector collaborating with the local players, the company officials said.


Meanwhile, WindMagics continues to expand its portfolio in China, where it recently finished the installation of a 100MW wind farm at Kelan County in the northwest of Shanxi Province.


Created on:2019-12-18 09:00