Windmagics 100MW Wind Farm Kicks Off Commercial Operation


The Windmagics 100MW Kelan wind farm in Shanxi has successfully kicked off its commercial operations last month. The wind farm is now qualified for grid connection and equipment commissioning.


Due to the COVID-19 outbreak during the commissioning period, the company kept the site at 30% utilization and implemented strict health and safety requirements to ensure staff safety. Despite the challenges, the wind farm is now up and running.


WindMagics owns 100% of the Kelan project, which is the company’s pilot project in operation. The project will provide clean energy to Xinshuo grid reducing the region’s dependence on coal-fired power plants. Located in Kelan county, the northwest part of China’s Shanxi Province, the wind farm construction process began in April, 2018.


The installation of all 50 Goldwind WTGs were completed last year. The wind farm is built on mountainous terrain and challenging climate, where average wind speed is recorded above 6.8 m/s.

Created on:2020-03-09 15:00