Integrated Solutions

We have developed integrated solutions for wind power industry with our own products and state-of -the-art digital tools.  We optimise function and perfomance of wind energy projects by conducting inpsection, evaluation, repair and overall management. As one of China’s leading independent wind farm O&M services provider, we improve safety and maximise long-term value of projects by reducing O&M costs.

Asset Evaluation

We analyse performance of wind turbines digitally, diagnose technical failures, and design a plan for repair. We use digital tools including Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and operational data from wind turbines for our inspection.

Technical Repair

With our extensive knowledge about the complex supply chain of large-size components of all major OEMs and our vast experience in the field,  we are capable of providing scheduled maintenance, installation and commission services.


To improve the overall performance of wind turbines, our professional team of experienced engineers do all the needful to ensure each part of wind turbines — blades, gearbox, pitch control system, foundation, etc. – function optimally.


We use cutting-edge technologies to inspect different parts of turbines. With the help of infrared thermo graphic inspection, endoscope inspection, flaw detection, vibration analysis, power curve verification, etc, we shorten the inspection time to reduce the downtime of turbines.

Spare Parts Service

Our spare parts distribution network covers Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu and Hunan province, with over 1000 products in the catalogue. We have an urgent delivery system for providing spare parts for any type and brand of turbines.

Why Us?

Our integrated approach towards operation and maintainance, and upgradation and management of assets ensure all projects are done in the most cost-effective manner. We can provide services to suppor the entire lifecycle of your wind farm.