Powering a Greener Future

Founded in 2009, WindMagics specializes in renewable energy investment, development, technical, engineering and asset management. Our portfolio consists of wind and solar energy projects with an overall capacity of 3GW pipeline, of which 100MW in operation, 100MW under construction, and 300MW notice to proceed.  Our development arm holds over 10GW of wind project development experience. With in-depth expertise in wind engineering, our feasibility and technical teams ensures quality in each project. Our continuous project and asset management make sure the project has the best operating performance. With over 180 professionals and experts on board, the company has so far delivered over 2000 renewable energy projects globally including China, Southeast Asia, America, and Europe.


Our primary goal is to contribute to climate change mitigation by facilitating green energy in the world. With every successful project, we minimize global carbon emissions and ensure environmental conservation. By empowering the field of renewable energy, we reduce dependency on fossil fuel and pave the way for a sustainable future. Besides maintaining our strong presence in the established renewable energy market, we are also targeting the emerging markets across the globe.


WindMagics owns 100% of the 100MW Kelan wind farm in Shanxi province. To-date the company has a pipeline 3GW wind projects in different phases of development and expanding to BRI and emerging countries to diversify the portfolio.


We invest heavily in renewable energy projects. With our successful investment consultation service, we help our clients to find investment opportunities in the renewable energy markets in China and other developing countries.

Our Team


We aim to replicate our success with wind energy projects in the solar energy sector. We focus on the development of solar power projects covering all aspects from concept to operation.

Founder & President

Dr. Yi Ye earned his PhD in Mathematical Statistics from University of Missouri, USA. Before founding WindMagics, he was part of the project development team of NextEra Energy - one of America's largest capital investors in infrastructure, where he was involved in developing > 1 GW of wind power projects.

Director of Business Development

Aron had served as a Business Development Manager (North Asia) at Lloyd’s Register in Shanghai and at Harbor View Properties and Holdings in the Philippines. A Master in Business Administration with more than two decades of professional experience in the energy sector, Aaron is currently developing wind projects in the Philippines.

Cathryn CHU

Cathryn leads WindMagics’ overseas business from Hong Kong, focusing on project development and technical services. Her renewable energy career began in 2006. Prior to joining WindMagics, she was the APAC Director of Wood’s renewable energy division (formerly SgurrEnergy).

Renewable Energy Specialist

Jing manages the procurement and suppliers of a 70MW wind farm development in China since 2017, with experience in budget control, streamline the purchase process and market analysis.

Vice President & CTO
Kuangwei MIAO

Kuangwei is the CTO of WindMagics since the establishment of the company. He has 10 years of technical experience in the wind industry, and currently managing 200MW WindMagics’ wind farms in China.

Project Development Director
Ching Ching EE

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Ching focuses on Windmagics' expansion into Southeast Asian countries. She has been actively developing renewable energy projects in the Asia Pacific region for many years. Prior to Windmagics, she served as the Head of Development at Enfinity. She holds an EMBA.

Vice President
Yang YU

Yang YU has over 20 years of management experience in the technology sector. Prior to joining WindMagcis, Yang was the engineering director of Huawei and Emerson. Yang leads the WindMagics service team delivered over 1050 renewables consultancy projects to-date.